About Us

Ptype is refreshingly different

We’ve worked at and with enough marketing agencies to know how frustrating dealing with stereotypical agencies can be. That’s why Ptype is a unique breed.

Ask a marketing or web design agency who will do the UX tasks on your project, and you may find their rep stumbling for words.

Are you hearing things like:

  • “We can blow through UX and go straight to visual design.” Sounds like they don’t really do UX work.
  • “We have people who do that.” Really? Who? What kind of experience and expertise do they have?

You have a right to know who is doing your experience design when you work with an agency. You should be working closely with him, her, or them. They shouldn’t be a nameless, faceless mystery that forces you to communicate through an intermediary.

At Ptype, each UX practitioner has at least ten years in experience design. You are never passed off to a newbie. You will work personally with our team.

Ptype is your UX partner

Many companies work with multiple agencies. You might be happy with agencies you’ve worked with for direct mail, online advertising, branding, marketing, SEO, SEM, or visual design. If you like them, keep them; we’re happy to work with them where our projects overlap.

Whether your have one UX project or need ongoing UX work, Ptype is your UX agency.


0% Sales People


100% UX Experts

No sales people means no sales quotas, no over-promising, under-delivering, or disagreements later about project scope or what’s included.

From your first interaction with us, you’ll be speaking with UX experts who will take the time to understand your project, goals, needs, and timeline. You’ll be working with Ptype principal Debbie Levitt, who has been doing interaction design and information architecture in one form or another since 1995.

Most of the team are seniors with at least 10 years experience. Our juniors are personally mentored by Debbie, and any project work they do goes thorough internal review. Our standards for quality, creativity, and attention to detail are very high. You will never feel “passed to a junior” at Ptype.

Unlimited rounds of revisions

UX processes lead naturally to mind-changing, business process rethinking, and other evolutions that can sometimes drag a project into extra rounds of revisions. That’s fine by us. You are not penalized and it won’t be a fight.

We bill by the quarter hour, not by the full hour or day. You are not paying for time we didn’t spend on your project. If you want more rounds of revisions, you’re paying for our time. This means there are no late-in-the-project SOW battles.

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