Custom Axure Widget Library

If your company is getting into Axure or using it seriously, you might benefit from having a custom Axure widget library created for you.

We can build you as library of re-usable components and elements. Libraries can include global visual styles such as font face, size, color, spacing; background colors; and buttons including hover states.

Library elements can be
completely interactive.

Let’s say you have a specific look for a designed droplist. We can build a pixel-perfect droplist with your fonts, colors, icons, and all the functionality associated with the droplist. This becomes a “drag and drop” element that can be added to any Axure project.

Libraries can be low, medium, or high fidelity. Custom Axure libraries can include interactivity and functionality. They can even include Adaptive Views, Axure’s feature that emulates mobile responsive design.

Your custom library can include interactive, reusable elements in multiple breakpoints. Whatever your patterns are, they can probably fit into an Axure library.

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