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When Anaesthesia Isn’t Anaesthesia

I have a rotten tooth that has to be removed. After some bad childhood experiences with dentists and oral surgeons, I absolutely insist that any procedure include general anaesthesia. I’ve been looking into places that’ll do that, and I learned
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Axure Training Testimonials

"Debbie is a good choice to gain a solid foundation in Axure knowledge. Her training is very flexible and reliable. Whether you want to learn something specific or are just getting started Deb will put together a plan that works specifically for you."
- Live training student, December 2014

"I found this course to be the perfect way to get going with Axure RP Pro 7. Debbie gets straight to it and there was no fluff or wasted time in the videos. I learnt a lot and I'm confident now to explore Axure further on my own. Of course I will be signing up for Debbie's other Udemy course, I want to learn more!"
- Video course student, December 2014