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This Food Agrees: It’s Food

WTF does this even mean? This bacon agrees with itself on its consumable nature? Everybody got together and agreed it could be eaten? The lettuce and tomato are of the same mindset on a number of key issues?
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What You Think You Know About Whole Grains Is Probably All Wrong (Sorry)

You’ve been told by someone that you should eat lots of whole grains. Everybody got on the whole grains bus and now a bunch of crappy foods are made with whole grains. You now think you must be doing something
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Your Yogurt Has More Sugar And Crap Than A Can Of Coke

Yogurt. When you think of it, you tend to think of a healthy snack. Labels covered in fruits and honey. Healthy, right? Happy cow! Certified humane. Real milk. Happy farm. Healthy blueberries. This must be good for you and packed
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What Azodicarbonamide In Food Should Mean To You

Everybody’s talking about azodicardonamide in Subway’s bread and other products. This is the so-called yoga mat chemical. Subway will be removing it from bread. Some people are calling for it to be removed from anything we’d eat. I noticed some
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Terrible Slogan: Too Delicious To Be Nutritious

I heard this on a commercial and couldn’t believe how awful it was. I think it means, “This tastes good but it’s not good for you.” A lot of so called Greek yogurts have a lot of sugar and corn
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Skippy Natural Peanut Butter Isn’t

“Natural.” It’s the latest craze sweeping labels. Everything wants to say it’s natural. What does that really mean? Take peanut butter. To me, “natural” peanut butter has nothing added to it other than what you need to make peanut butter.
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Axure Training Testimonials

"Debbie has a talent to explain things in a very practical and easy to follow style. She showed our team the basic ropes of Axure and enabled us to start exploring additional functionality on our own. I especially liked that her teaching style is very hands on, guiding her students through step by step examples. She inspired all of us to start utilizing Axure as a prototyping and wireframing tool."
- User Experience Lead at Razorfish

"Debbie's Axure​ training is absolutely THE BEST program available. I have tried several online courses, two thick books, a few short seminars, and even a two-day competitive bootcamp, and NONE of them even came CLOSE to the quality of Debbie's course. While other trainers seem to jump randomly from topic to topic, she takes you through the program in a logical flow, making sure that you understand each concept before moving onto the next. She is great at assessing the level of her students, and allows you to set the pace that works best for you. Her calm style and friendly demeanor puts her students at ease and makes the program seem much less intimidating."
- Live, remote training student

"Debbie is a good choice to gain a solid foundation in Axure knowledge. Her training is very flexible and reliable. Whether you want to learn something specific or are just getting started Deb will put together a plan that works specifically for you."
- Live, remote training student

"I found this course to be the perfect way to get going with Axure RP Pro 7. Debbie gets straight to it and there was no fluff or wasted time in the videos. I learnt a lot and I'm confident now to explore Axure further on my own. Of course I will be signing up for Debbie's other Udemy course, I want to learn more!"
- Video course student