A Company I Never Heard Of Sends The Most Insensitive Spam

Posted By Debbie on July 1, 2013

I don’t even know where to start with this one. A company I’ve never heard of sends me an email. It starts with “first of all” and some sort of pleasantry about their deepest sympathies going out to the people affected by the Oklahoma tornadoes. Um OK, who are you?

And then it goes RIGHT into “thank you for the great responses.” To what? You’re spamming me. I have no idea what you do or who is responding to what.

And then right into “we have special packages for you.” They evidently claim to do something with social media. Well, they sure are showing their chops by spamming me and pretending to care about OK natural disaster victims!

And 10% of turnover (wha?) goes to charities I choose! I don’t know you. But I get to choose where you give 10% of some sort of pile of money? How?

And then into Free iPads. What?

I am not on enough drugs to make sense of this email. I figured you needed to see the whole thing. So here’s a screen shot and then a PDF (linked from the image below). This is what happens when you don’t walk the walk but do a lot of talking. I’m looking at you Social Media Tyme. Guess they didn’t want to pay for SocialMediaTime.com, which is for sale.