A Solution to California’s New Ruling on Freelancers at Agencies

Posted By Debbie on June 1, 2018

This article was swirling around my LinkedIn earlier this week.

If I’m understanding it correctly, California digital, marketing, and other agencies will have more restrictions on using freelancers. If an agency is bringing a freelancer in for something the agency typically does, the freelancer must be an employee with benefits. If the freelancer is covering an area the agency doesn’t normally offer, then the freelancer doesn’t have to become an employee.

What’s a solution?

Ptype is a full service UX agency. We love agency partners, those already doing UX and needing more practitioners or more experienced/specialized experts… as well as agencies who haven’t been doing UX. We know many of you are offering clients UX but having graphic designers make wireframes… which isn’t really UX. Clients are probably noticing.

Ptype is a C Corporation of the State of Arizona. We’re also an Italian SRL for anybody who would like to pay in Euros. If we’re understanding this new ruling correctly, there would be nothing blocking an agency from hiring another corporation. We’re normally 1099’ed; you wouldn’t need to pay a corporation benefits, withhold taxes, etc. You know the drill.

We work remotely.

We’re currently not available for on-site work in California. Our team is currently located around the USA, UK, and Italy. But if you’re open to remote UX work, we’re available for short and long term projects. From user research to UX design, rapid prototyping, user testing, and more, Ptype is your UX partner.