Debbie Levitt, Speaker and Trainer

Integrity. Knowledge. Humor. Expertise.

WeAreDevelopers, 2018 in Vienna, Austria

Debbie Levitt has been speaking and training small and large groups of people at private events and public conferences since 1995. Now, Debbie focuses presentations on user interface design and user experience, how UX fits into software development processes, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

Debbie’s goal is to engage an audience into forgetting that they own smartphones. She writes all of her own material and presentations, and uses raw honesty and clever comedy to keep the attendees connected, laughing, listening, and learning.

Her goals always include actionable takeaways and making sure the audience have real tips, processes, approaches, or step-by-step activities they can try after the event.

Debbie is available for keynote speeches, private and corporate training, convention seminars, and conference presentations. She’s also ready for anything informative, motivational or inspirational, hopefully with room for some good comedy.

She writes all of her own material and presentations, and is happy to adapt, customize, or write something from scratch for your organization, event, and needs.

Topics of Expertise Include: 

  • UX and User-Centered Design
  • UX and Agile, Lean, and Software Development Methodologies
  • UX Research and Testing
  • Improving Processes, Workflows, Staffing, and Resources
  • Adding Rapid UX Prototyping to Your Process
  • UX Prototyping with Axure  – Debbie is one of the few trainers on the planet recommended by Axure
  • Remote Work
  • Entrepreneurship

Session Titles Include:

Private Consulting

Does your company need more than a presentation or some training? Debbie is available for consulting work in any area of her expertise.

Starting a UX team? Need help with UX disasters? Poor collaboration? Need to rethink or redefine UX or product design workflows, processes, staffing, or resources?

With experience helping companies of all sizes in these areas, Debbie is available to work with your company on defining, meeting, and exceeding goals.

Throwback to (a screen capture of the video of) the PayPal X Developers Conference, 2010.

Future and Previous Presentations

  • DevOps ICU, Redwood Shores, CA, January 2019. Presenting the full 2-day workshop on UX, Agile, Lean, and how to include product design into your software development process. https://DevOps.ICU
  • DevOpsDays Galway, Ireland, Nov 2018. “DevOps ICU: Improving DevOps Results by (Correctly) Integrating UX”
  • Agile Arizona, Phoenix, Nov 2018. “DevOps ICU: (Correctly) Integrating UX, Product Design, and Agile
  • DevOpsDays Chattanooga, Tennessee, Nov 2018. “DevOps ICU: Improving DevOps Results by (Correctly) Integrating UX”
  • DevOpsDays Oslo, Norway, Oct 2018. “DevOps ICU: Improving DevOps Results by Integrating UX”
  • UX Designers Camp, Serbia, Oct 2018. “The Four Horsemen of Bad UX®,” “Add UX Prototyping to Your Process,” and keynote presentation, “Remote Work: Efficiency, Focus, Tools, and Techniques”
  • WeAreDevelopers, Vienna, Austria, May 2018. Workshop on the benefits of incorporating the UX process into the developer’s world.
  • Convey UX, Seattle, 2016. Workshop on Axure.
  • UXPA Conference, 2015 & 2016. Half day pre-conference workshop on Axure.
  • Enterprise UX Meetup San Francisco, Feb 2016. “The Four Horsemen of Bad UX®”
  • PayPax “X” Developer Conference, San Francisco, Oct 2010. App marketing, branding, and UX for developers.
  • eBay Developer Conference, San Jose, 2010. App marketing, branding, and UX for developers.
  • Rocketplace, Feb 2008 (Florida) and Sept 2008 (Las Vegas). Presented multiple sessions for eBay and online sellers.
  • eBay Radio, 2009 – 2012 (all 4 years, various locations). The UX of eBay listing designs, how to better follow eBay’s rules, and big ideas for small businesses.
  • eBay Live!, Las Vegas, 2005 – 2008 (all 4 years). The UX of eBay listing designs, how to better follow eBay’s rules, and big ideas for small businesses.


Branding and Marketing for PayPal Developers

A clip from the 2010 presentation at the PayPal X Innovate event at Moscone in downtown San Francisco. Includes some fun audience participation.

Enterprise UX SF – The Four Horsemen of Bad UX®

Debbie Levitt spoke at the Enterprise UX Meetup in San Francisco on February 19, 2015. This very casual talk took place at General Assembly.

We have all heard, “The user didn’t like it,” but that’s lacking detail. Negative user experiences can be boiled down to four key emotions: frustration, confusion, disappointment, and distraction. UX strategist and designer Debbie Levitt will show us how to spot these Four Horsemen and bravely fight them off.

“The Four Horsemen of Bad UX” name and artwork are a registered trademarks of Brass Flowers Inc. d/b/a Ptype

Available Worldwide

In 2018 alone, Debbie’s live, in-person presentations have been booked in the USA, Canada, Austria, Norway, Serbia, and The Netherlands.

She travels on a “clean” American passport. She passes background checks, has never been arrested, and should be able to get in and out of any country.

Debbie is the CEO of her American and Italian companies. Brass Flowers Inc. d/b/a Ptype is a corporation of the State of Arizona. EIN 27-2835859 and in the SAM database as a federal contractor. Ptype S.R.L. is a limited liability entity of the country of Italy. Partita IVA 02748320906. We accept whatever currency you wish to use.

Meet Debbie Levitt, CEO of Ptype

Debbie Levitt has been a UX strategist, designer, and corporate trainer since 1995. Back then, she was strategizing websites for The Miss America Organization, Schering-Plough, local businesses, and customizing large eCommerce sites before off-the-shelf systems were a thing. On the side, she taught school teachers to write HTML and stop stealing images off the web.

As a “serial contractor” who lived in the Bay Area for most of this decade, Debbie has influenced interfaces at Sony, Wells Fargo, Constant Contact,, Oracle, and a variety of Silicon Valley startups. Clients have given her the nickname, “Mary Poppins,” because she flies in, solves the problems, improves everything she can, sings a few songs, and flies away to her next adventure. One client nicknamed her, “Tenacious D.” for being a change agent and tireless advocate for the customer.

Debbie has presented at conferences including eBay’s Developer Conference, PayPal’s Developer Conference, UXPA, and WeAreDevelopers. She is a vetted member of TopTal, recognizing her as being among the top 3% of UX experts. Debbie also writes a regular column for CMSWire's Digital Experience channel called, "DevOps, Product Design, and UX."

She is an O’Reilly published author, one of few instructors on the planet recommended by Axure, and has released a number of courses on her Ptype Academy website. Trainees have included employees of Oracle, Salesforce, NBC Universal, Intuit, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), Sephora, Newport News Shipbuilding, and consultancies including Razorfish, Fjord, Rauxa, and Slalom Consulting.

Her newest workshop is, "DevOps ICU: Measurably Increase DevOps Results Through Improved Processes and Workflows." Join Debbie live in January for the multi-day, live version of this event.

Outside of UX work, and sometimes during UX work, Debbie enjoys singing symphonic prog goth metal, opera, and New Wave. She’s now a Digital Nomad splitting her time between the USA and rural Italy.