Due to confidentiality, we have years of projects that cannot be published on our website. Some are projects that never went live, some were experimental, some were for companies who didn’t want to admit they farmed it out to us.

We show some of these in private meetings but cannot share them here. We don’t like to burn bridges.

We know you understand. Your project is probably secret, at least for now. You wouldn’t want to see it here.

Current project: remote observational study with 70 participants from the USA, Canada, and Europe. Client is a famous eCommerce platform on track to do $1B in revenue in 2020. That case study isn’t here. 🙂

Various Past (Non-Secret) Projects

Other Projects

  • Axure prototype for Sephora to user test individual product page design ideas.
  • Freelancer on a team building the original Wells Fargo iPad app.
  • Complete redesign of a SaaS system in the pet care space.
  • Interaction design improvements to a life insurance company’s online lead form.
  • Interaction design, copy suggestions, and consulting on various marketing landing pages aimed at improving UX and conversion.
  • Axure prototype for company CEO to showcase future functionality during his keynote speech at their annual conference.

Ptype Clients Include: