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From the early 2000s through 2010, our clients were mostly small businesses, entrepreneurs, and online sellers with eCommerce websites. Since 2010, our clients have mostly been agencies, well known companies, and Silicon Valley startups… but we still work with businesses of any size, worldwide.

Due to confidentiality, we have years of projects that cannot be published on our website. Some are projects that never went live, some were experimental, some were for companies who didn’t want to admit they farmed it out to us.

We show some of these in private meetings but cannot share them here. We don’t like to burn bridges.

We know you understand. Your project is probably secret, at least for now. You wouldn’t want to see it here.

Recent and Current Projects

  • User interviews, research, and persona development for how people with a certain disease use fitness wearables.
  • AI conversational search.
  • Complete redesign of the customer-facing portal for SaaS company.
  • UX research, design, and front end dev for two UX government websites.
  • In-store mobile app checkout for Macy’s.
  • User research survey for Silicon Valley startup.
  • Brainstorming the retail store of the future.
  • Multiple Axure prototypes for Bank of the West to take UX design ideas to user testing.
  • UX Optimization Reports for various small businesses.

Projects from 2015 and Earlier

  • Axure prototype for Sephora to user test individual product page design ideas.
  • The original Wells Fargo iPad app.
  • Complete UCD process for financial company’s new website; interviews, personas, IA, interaction design, prototyping, etc…
  • Interaction design improvements to a life insurance company’s online lead form.
  • Full fidelity Axure prototypes for Kohl’s mobile app and tablet experience.
  • Axure prototype for company CEO to showcase future functionality during his keynote speech at their annual conference.

Some Projects We Can Show

Prototype password: ptype

Full Fidelity Prototype for Bank, Includes Real Math

What they had

Comps of a desktop website and responsive phone version. A spreadsheet with a lot of investment ranges, interest rates, and how much you’ll make on that investment.

What they wanted

A full fidelity interactive prototype with real working math. You can calculate what interest rate you would get and how much interest you would make on a CD investment.

What we did

Axure prototyping. Check out the “CDs” page in the prototype and thrill to the realistic, quick prototyping we can do with Axure.

The bank had budgeted 200 hours for this project. It took us 65, including an adaptive phone version.

Prototype password: ptype

IA and Responsive Interaction Design for an IT Company

What they had

An idea to redo their website completely.

What they wanted

New IA and sitemap. New responsive page layouts.

What we did

New IA, a sitemap, and interaction design. Slightly interactive wireframes with adaptive mobile versions. They can seem generic without final copy, final visual design, media, etc… but that makes it a great example to show you without giving away who they are.

User Research and Personas

What they had

A curiosity about how people with a certain disease used fitness wearables. Questions about how these people tracked their disease and how many they shared this information with others.

What they wanted

User research and personas. This information would help them decide whether or not to develop a product for this audience.

What we did

Phone interviews with 12 people who have this disease. We then distilled down what we heard to three types of users and created three personas.

Ptype Clients Include: