High Fidelity UX Prototype for Fjord and Kohl’s

In 2014, Fjord agency in San Francisco brought us in to create two prototypes using Axure. We were not involved in the Interaction Design or UX decisions on these screens (sadly), but this does show more of our prototyping skills.

One prototype was for tablet (included here), one was the phone. The goal of the project was to show execs the new designs. Therefore, the prototypes were completely scripted and even contain a large dot to show execs where to tap next.

We received high quality Photoshop files for this project. They would not let us compress images, so it might take some time to load the 22MB prototype.

Screen shots of a prototype are normally not that exciting so feel free to explore the prototype!  https://n2mugm.axshare.com/#c=2  Please use password ptype for the prototype. Also, please adjust your browser screen so that it’s the size of the overlay you see at first. Then tap on it to continue.

Some of the Process and Deliverables

Tablet Home Screen

This is the home screen of the tablet experience at the time. Follow the dot (here, top left) to move through the prototype.

Screen Shot of Menu

Fly out menus for the tablet.

Screen Shot of Filters

Filters for the tablet.