An Error Message With a Sense of Humour

Posted By Debbie on August 31, 2012

Categories: UX/UI

Tags: error messages

Error messages. We see them all day. I just realised that means that all day, we’re filling out forms incorrectly. What the hell! That’s a post for another day.

Today I want to show you an error message with a sense of humour. This is from the admin area of a website I use for an online discussion forum and community. The software is, and we’ve been a customer of theirs since around June of 2000. We’ve been through many company and product names, and we’re always happy with them.

I went to create “Premium Memberships” for my users, and that means collecting fees from them. Our forum is otherwise free, but some said they wanted to donate. Sure! I was trying to set it up for $10 to keep the donation small. But that was too small! I got this error message:

Thank God they’re so specific on that limit!