Answer Our Poll To Read A News Article

Posted By Debbie on October 6, 2014

Categories: UX/UI

Tags: news, obstacles, paywalls, polls

I wanted to see how the vote on Scotland’s independence was going. Put it into Google, and a top result was this website (click to enlarge):

ScreenHunter_133 Sep. 18 18.14

OK I didn’t know this was a tabloid site, but this is not the only place you’ve seen things like this.

Attention sites doing this: we have Google now, and chances are that you are NOT the only online publication with this information.

I left and picked another link from Google results and got my info without having to answer some sort of poll.

Bonus fact: Lots of people are likely to answer that poll incorrectly just to mess with you for putting it there. That means if anybody is trying to do serious market research, the results are probably meaningless.

Congrats! You threw an obstacle in front of me in the name of poor market research!