Do I Have An Appointment Or Not?!

Posted By Debbie on June 20, 2014

I attempted to use some online booking system this week for a spa I was going to try.

I don’t have a screen shot of how I opened it in Chrome, picked the services I wanted, picked the time I wanted, and clicked checkout only to find my cart was empty.

So I opened in in Firefox.

I picked the services I wanted. The times I wanted. I added them to my cart. I checked out. I chose to make an account. I put in a password. Confirmed the password. And I finally submitted everything. Click to enlarge the message I got:

online booking

Do I have an appointment or not? I wasn’t sure.

I started over. I chose the services I wanted. The times I previously booked showed at not available. OK, does that mean I reserved them? No idea.

Let’s log into that new account I created! Account not found. Forgot password? Nope, no account. OK I’m lost.

I called the spa. They said their online booking has been really messed up. Yes, I agree. I didn’t mention how much this can hurt business. What if I decide to not go because that was frustrating? What if I assume I have an appointment but I don’t? It turns out I did NOT have appointments. Don’t put obstacles between you and your customers!

There are a zillion online booking systems out there. If the one you’re using is failing you, pick another. Each place I go uses a different one. There are options! Good user experience is important!