Are Facebook Ads Sexually Explicit or Against Your Views?

Posted By Debbie on May 25, 2011

Earlier, I blogged about changes Facebook seemed to be making to the list of reasons you are X’ing out an ad. I just went to X out another ad, and was offered a pile of choices, including two new ones.

There are two new ones on this list. “Sexually Explicit” and “Against Your Views.” I was under the impression that Facebook was checking ads. When I create ads, I have to wait until someone approves them. I figured they were checking for porn or something that may not be appropriate. Maybe they are going to automate this more, and they’re hoping you’ll police this for them.

“Against Your Views” is interesting since I think it is another way of saying offensive. Offensive is very subjective. What I find offensive might be something someone enjoys doing daily. And I’ll still be sure it’s offensive. It’s against my views. It doesn’t match my standards or morals. So I’m not sure where Facebook draws the line here.

I think the main times I have clicked “offensive” were the ads referencing a “Bucket List” after a friend of mine with a terminal illness complained about how cavalierly these ads seemed to refer to death. I blogged about that in February 2011. So if I saw those again, would I choose “Against My Views?” I wouldn’t. I’d still choose offensive.

Perhaps this choice is for when something religious or political is being advertised, and you don’t share that viewpoint. Facebook, what do you mean?