Attention Visitors: BART Trains Are Not Colour-Coded

Posted By Debbie on April 9, 2012

BART, also knows as Bay Area Rapid Transit, is a rail system here in the Bay Area. It’s very convenient. But it’s very confusing if you’re not from around here. That is because you will think that colour means more than it does. Here is a map of the BART system shown in every station, guide book, and publication.

Nearly every time I’m on the BART, I overhear someone talk about how they are looking for a, “Blue train,” or, “We need to take the yellow line.”

Attention visitors: BART trains all look the same. This isn’t Boston, where the green line you see on the map really is a “green line” with trains painted with green. It’s not New York, where if you are looking for a green 6 train, there will be green 6 signs all over stations and the trains themselves. BART decided to colour the map but NOT the trains or signs.

In order to find the right train going in the right direction, you must look for the final destination. If you are trying to get to South San Francisco, don’t look for a yellow or red train. Zero trains are yellow or red. Look for the train headed to the SFO Airport and/or Millbrae. If you are trying to get to 12th Street in Oakland, look for the train that’s going to Pittsburg/Bay Point or the Richmond train. The signs will say the destination.

Attention BART: Please hire me to rethink all these maps so that they are way more obvious to visitors.