Attention Women’s Business Groups: Nobody Took My Power

Posted By Debbie on March 21, 2011

I like I like joining groups. I like networking. I like meeting new people! I’m a friendly chick.

I’ve been in the game 16 years now, and I’ve seen and tried a number of “women’s” business, entrepreneur, and networking groups. Nearly every single one I saw seemed to have the same messages, over and over, in their programmes, speakers, and agendas:


Who said we weren’t empowered? So many of these programmes were about “finding” your power. Did you lose it? Where did you leave it? Why do you feel powerless? I’ve never felt powerless. I don’t feel like less of an entrepreneur because I’m a woman. I don’t feel that I’ve had a harder time networking, even in a tech world, because I’m a woman.

I have NEVER seen a presentation aimed at men or a general audience about empowerment and getting your power back. This seems to be special to women.

So to women, I say stop imagining you have lost your power. Don’t act powerless. Don’t buy into the programmes that tell you how to regain your power. You never lost it. You give it up every time you imagine that you need to hear a speaker talk about how to get your power back. This may be helpful to women from other countries or cultures that really have no idea what they can do or that they can advance in business.

But if you were born and raised in the USA, you probably don’t need a weekly women’s business meetup group programme on empowerment. It’s self-negating.