Axure Self-Assessment Tool

Posted By Debbie on Jul 25, 2016 in Software

Wondering how advanced you, your team, or worker is with Axure? People have asked us to assess Axure skills. To really do that, we’d need to manually review someone’s prototyping work. We can do that! We can pour through someone’s file(s) and see what’s being done well, poorly, or not at all. But we might have to charge for that time as it could take an hour or two to get a good picture of what someone is doing.

We now have a self-assessment tool. It asks people about their skills. In the end, we score it and take a shot at how much training someone might need to develop strong core skills and high Axure confidence.

If you’re considering our private training and you’re not sure if you need all of our lessons, this tool is also for you.

Takes about 10 minutes but it will certainly give you a good picture of where training might be most helpful.

If you want your results emailed to someone else, our tool does that as well.

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