Axure Training

Ptype is one of the few companies on the planet recommended by Axure for training.

We’re available for private individual or corporate Axure courses. We love working with Axure newbies and the Axure curious, and we love sharing tips and best practices that we’ve learned in over 5 years of using Axure frequently.

We can start as basic, intermediate, or advanced as you want. We show up with a blank Axure file and a lesson plan catered to your audience and industry.

Our Training Curriculum shows our standard curriculum, which can be customized for private training sessions.

Our Axure training is available to any individual or company that wants Axure training in English.

We can fly to you or train you remotely.

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Ptype offers Axure training in a variety of ways.

Live At Your Location

We travel to you.

Live and Remotely

Private training via online collaboration systems.

Live at Public Workshops

Come to our public classes or join in remotely.

Video Courses

Learn at your own pace.

About Your Trainer

Ptype principal and your trainer, Debbie Levitt, is an Interaction Designer and Information Architect (when not training people on Axure). As someone using Axure for work nearly daily since early 2011, her instruction style incorporates her experiences, tips, and best practices. She has created customized curricula and trained individuals, startups, agencies, and corporations.

Debbie's first public training course was in 1995 when she was 23 years old. She taught school teachers how to build web pages with HTML and why they're not supposed to steal images off other people's websites. Debbie has been teaching Axure since 2012 and is proud to be one of the few Axure-recommended trainers on the planet.

Ptype has provided Axure training or prototypes for:

  • Sephora
  • Kohl's
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce
  • NBC Universal
  • Bank Of The West
  • Wells Fargo
  • Intuit
  • FiServ
  • Constant Contact
  • Sony
  • Ameritas
  • RSA
  • Fox Filmed Entertainment
  • Kelly-Moore Paints
  • Federal Reserve Bank of SF
  • Macy's
  • American Airlines
  • Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Sun Life Financial
  • Farm Credit Canada
  • Service Canada
  • Razorfish
  • Rauxa
  • Fjord
  • Wirestone
  • Kanjoya
  • Fly Communications
  • Jackrabbit
  • Slalom Consulting


"Even though Axure has their own video courses, it's been great to learn hands-on and in-context to what we do at Macy's. Plus it's more fun with co-workers, and Debbie's a really good teacher 🙂 I look forward to the next lessons!"

- UX Researcher at Macy's about our live, at-your-location training


"Our client needed to get their whole design team proficient with Axure. Debbie worked with us to create a curriculum that benefitted both novices and the intermediate team members. Her conversational style and real world experience made the dense material fun and easy to absorb. Our client was thrilled and immediately started putting the lessons into practice. We are very lucky to have worked with Debbie. I look forward to working with her in the future."

- Manifest Digital, who brought Debbie in to train Kohl's in Wisconsin


"Debbie has a talent to explain things in a very practical and easy to follow style. She showed our team the basic ropes of Axure and enabled us to start exploring additional functionality on our own. I especially liked that her teaching style is very hands on, guiding her students through step by step examples. She inspired all of us to start utilizing Axure as a prototyping and wireframing tool."

- User Experience Lead at Razorfish


"Debbie's Axure​ training is absolutely THE BEST program available. I have tried several online courses, two thick books, a few short seminars, and even a two-day competitive bootcamp, and NONE of them even came CLOSE to the quality of Debbie's course. While other trainers seem to jump randomly from topic to topic, she takes you through the program in a logical flow, making sure that you understand each concept before moving onto the next. She is great at assessing the level of her students, and allows you to set the pace that works best for you. Her calm style and friendly demeanor puts her students at ease and makes the program seem much less intimidating."

- Live, remote training student


"I'm a newbie to Axure, as green as it gets. Axure's videos proved to be too advanced and only confused me. What I needed and wanted was to first be introduced to the UI and have it explained to me at a very basic level. I wanted to watch something then have the confidence to be able to do it myself in the real world. Debbie’s style makes it easy to understand, easy to keep up with, and by the end made me less scared of the Axure program. No other resource or video I've seen so far has explained things so well. Some people are born to teach and Debbie is one of them."

- Video course student


"Debbie is a good choice to gain a solid foundation in Axure knowledge. Her training is very flexible and reliable. Whether you want to learn something specific or are just getting started Deb will put together a plan that works specifically for you. I felt Deb went above and beyond to accommodate my schedule (3 hour time difference) and answered all e-mails and questions very promptly."

- Live, remote training student


"The instructor is very clear and is easy to understand. This goes a long way for me. Also, the instructor breaks down concepts into bite sized chunks so it's much easier to learn. I take a lot of courses here at Udemy, Treehouse and and she ranks amongst the best." - Video course student "I found this course to be the perfect way to get going with Axure RP Pro 7. Debbie gets straight to it and there was no fluff or wasted time in the videos. I learned a lot and I'm confident now to explore Axure further on my own."

- Video course student


"Debbie is really good at Axure RP Pro and one of the few experts with this software. Definitely recommended if you are interesting in learning more about it!"

- Live, remote training student

Axure Training Is For Everyone at all Skill Levels

  • Interaction Designers
  • Information Architects
  • UX Researchers
  • UX Consultants and Freelancers
  • Visual Designers and Graphic Artists
  • Product Managers and Product Owners
  • Creative Directors
  • Web Producers
  • Website Designers
  • Programmers and QA/QE
  • Front End Developers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Startup CEOs and Founders

Axure Version 7 or 8?

As of April 2016, all of our public Axure workshops will teach Axure version 8.

What if we’re still using Axure 7?
Many of the techniques you would use in 7 and 8 are the same. We always point out where the versions are different. If you or your team would like private training on any version of Axure, we can arrange that. Contact us for a custom training quote.

How Much Training Do I Need?

Like Certificates?
We Have Them!

Nobody is allowed to give out a “Certified Axure Anything” certificate (so says Axure).

As an Axure-recommended trainer, we are allowed to present Ptype certificates of completion to those who attend our in-person and remote workshops.

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