Mobile Apps: Interactive Prototyping With Axure RP 8


Our Mobile Apps Prototyping Workshop teaches topics including app header, navigation, scrolling, flicking, carousels, and publishing realistic apps.

20 lessons… over 3 hours of content. The most complete mobile app Axure 8 course out there!

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wants to learn Axure. UX practitioners, product managers, visual designers, developers, etc.


This is an advanced course and we will treat you like you are an intermediate user of Axure. If you’re not there yet, please consider our Core Skills workshop first.


  • Learn the complex planning that goes into prototyping a realistic mobile app.
  • Have confidence using Axure for mobile app prototyping.

Available Formats

Training Outline

Each “session” is designed to run around 90 minutes.

Session 1:

  • Planning your mobile app prototype.
  • Header and main content states.
  • Publishing your mobile app prototype.

Session 2:

  • Boundaries create realistic scrolling.
  • Scrolling via swipe motions.

Session 3:

  • Mobile app menu.
  • Bottom navigation.

Session 4:

  • Two types of mobile carousels.
  • Moving people through a flow of screens.