Ptype Is The Best Choice For Axure Training

You’ve discovered your new Axure trainer.

From our pricing to the variety of how we train to the endless gleeful testimonials, Ptype is easily the best choice out there.

Like data and reasons? Buckle your seat belt.

Axure Recommends Us

Axure’s website recommends only a handful of trainers on the entire planet. We’re one of them since March 2014.

Training Options

We offer training to anybody who speaks English. This training comes in three flavors… pick the one that suits you best.

One on One Training

Need to know Axure or level up your skills but your company won’t pay for travel? And you’re the only one getting training? We have you covered. Book any open time slot, no need to contact us first.

We offer 1:1 training live and remotely via GoToMeeting or your preferred live collaboration or conferencing/screen sharing system. You get the video and audio recording after our session.


We bill in half hour increments. No surprises. Impress the boss by choosing the most qualified company who also just happens to cost less than other vendors.

We charge only for the time you need, no minimums. Need an hour? We’ll sell you an hour.


People love our Axure training. People who had trouble learning Axure from other videos, books, tutorials, and trainers all found the instruction they needed from us.

Your trainer isn’t just an Axure button-pusher. We use Axure daily and have since early 2011. We are UX strategists and designers, and we bring real world examples to our lessons.

Unique Curriculum

We designed our curriculum to take people from the simplest Axure concepts through intermediate techniques and finally to the advanced approaches. This helps ease people who might be new to Axure (or afraid of it) into things. Each lesson uses what we’ve learned previously.

It’s all logical stepping stones with a focus on helping you think like Axure. Rather than memorizing steps, we want to teach you how to get Axure to do what you’re imagining.

If you’re getting private one-on-one or team training from us, we can customize the curriculum for your needs.

We have looked at some of the other curricula out there and we don’t understand why anybody would teach the hardest-to-learn-and-least-used Axure feature on day 1 of learning. Just because Axure does something doesn’t mean you teach it on day 1.

Instructional design matters.

Trainers in North America and Europe

We’re not going to get a co-working space mailbox in a country and claim we’re in that country. No, sir or madam. We’re a reasonable flight away from you and we fly economy.

We work in UX and use Axure. Some of us have been using Axure nearly daily since early 2011. You won’t just learn skills. You’ll learn from our experience and our mistakes.

About Your Trainer

Ptype principal and your trainer, Debbie Levitt, is an Interaction Designer and Information Architect (when not training people on Axure). As someone using Axure for work nearly daily since early 2011, her instruction style incorporates her experiences, tips, and best practices. She has created customized curricula and trained individuals, startups, agencies, and corporations.

Debbie's first public training course was in 1995 when she was 23 years old. She taught school teachers how to build web pages with HTML and why they're not supposed to steal images off other people's websites. Debbie has been teaching Axure since 2012 and is proud to be one of the few Axure-recommended trainers on the planet.

Ptype has provided training for:

  • Sephora
  • Kohl's
  • Oracle
  • Salesforce
  • NBC Universal
  • Bank Of The West
  • Wells Fargo
  • Intuit
  • FiServ
  • Constant Contact
  • Sony
  • RSA
  • Fox Filmed Entertainment
  • Federal Reserve Bank of SF
  • Macy's
  • American Airlines
  • Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Sun Life Financial
  • Farm Credit Canada
  • Service Canada
  • Epsilon
  • Razorfish
  • Wirestone
  • Kanjoya
  • Fly Communications
  • Jackrabbit
  • Slalom Consulting