Badges, Alerts, and Clearing Them

Posted By Debbie on March 20, 2018

Categories: Mobile, UX/UI

Tags: alerts, badges, TripIt

I’m a superfan of TripIt. I pay for the Pro version. I highly suggest it for your travels.

But there are some aspects of their app UX that remind me to blog about badges, alerts, and clearing them. TripIt’s desktop interface deserves another blog post.

I have 3 alerts.

I have a pre-trip update alert. This is where TripIt reminds you your trip is coming. I also get that emailed.

You can then see I have 2 alerts about the same flight. First, it was on time. Then as the flight time got closer, it was delayed. Sure, that happens!

But it brings up some tough UX points…

  • If the flight is now delayed, why show me the old update that it was on time?
  • Once I’m traveling, why show me the pre-trip update?
  • Most importantly, why can’t any of these be cleared? You would think that tapping on them or swiping them would make them go away but they don’t.

The full alert is shown here so there is no next screen with more info. There is no swipe to delete or archive. These stay here until my trip is over.

And the app treats them as unread since the “3” badge stays on the alert area. But I’ve read them! You texted me, you emailed me, you app notified me, and they’re here. Please consider them READ. But I can’t do that.

Why does Pro have a “1” badge?

Great question. It’s now months after the end of that trip and it’s still there.

When we hit this screen, it’s not obvious what needs attention. The badge with the number normally tells people something needs attention.

It turned out that it wanted me to tap on Go Now Alerts. That took me into a model trying to get me to turn those on. I don’t want them and I backed out. The badge went away.

But I was guessing. The last time I had a “1” there I think it was having trouble connecting to the Hilton servers and finding out how many points I had. But there was nothing I could do about that other than wait for a better server connection at some point.

Consider if you really need badging… and consider how it gets cleared.

While the trip alerts seem relevant, I should be able to clear them once I have read them. I should be able to remove outdated ones (like my flight is on time when that’s no longer true).

And don’t badge me for something you want to push that I may not need or want. That’s not a real notification or actionable item. That’s, “Hey, we did this new thing, do you want it?”