Ben at Epsilon Loved Our Advanced Axure Training

Posted By Debbie on January 5, 2018

A few weeks ago, we gave our first ever Advanced Axure workshop. It’s a 2-day, live, public, webinar-style workshop. I asked attendees for feedback so I can improve this new course, soon available as a video course on Udemy.

Ben from Epsilon sent this reply. Many thanks to Ben and all the people at Epsilon! We’re proud to add you to our list of happy customers (and testimonials page).

Thanks so much for the [Advanced] Axure training. We here at Epsilon absolutely loved it and have already recommended that one of our team members take the next one.

The pace was great, I realize we ended up with more time than we needed both days, but that’s so much preferable to the opposite. It felt like you covered exactly the right amount of material.

The format was a little unexpected in that it didn’t feel very linear, but for an advanced class it felt right that it wasn’t. i.e. It felt more like a string of “You’ve probably run into this problem. Well, here’s the solution…” than “Now we know A, let’s move on to A+B.” It felt like we weren’t wasting any time with review and just got into the meat of the training. (Thank you, thank you for sending out the training file with all the grunt work finished.) Also, your approach of breaking it up into smaller modules made it feel more nimble and customized to the group.

Finally your presentation style was great. It was very helpful and friendly but still organized and authoritative. It’s a hard balance to strike but you nailed it.

I wish I had concrete pointers for you on how to improve the training, but I’m honestly stumped.

Ben, UX Designer at Epsilon