Blocking Me Because I Block Ads

Posted By Debbie on October 12, 2017

A few times a week I click on a link somewhere and land on an article. A giant overlay comes up telling me no no no no no you are blocking our ads! This is just unfair and wrong! You want to read our site but deny us the precious ad revenue we need? Well then you can’t. We won’t let you on our site. Whitelist us, turn off your ad blocker, or else!

What am I likely to do? What will a user do when she doesn’t want to see ads badly enough to install and run a serious ad blocker?

Step 1: Close the overlay and see if they let me read it anyway. That happens sometimes. They get no ad revenue from me.

Step 2: If that doesn’t work, leave the site and Google for who is writing about the same topic. They get no ad revenue from me.

Either way, they get no ad revenue from me. I rarely whitelist a website. I’ll leave. And I’m not alone. An early 2017 statistic says 74% of users will do the same.

How much money did they miss out on?

Depends what they are charging for ads. Let’s say they are charge $10 CPM and there are 3 ads I might be shown.

When they show me the ads, even if I don’t click, they get 30 cents, 10 cents per ad. These are normally smaller sites that are wrapped up in missing out on ad revenue. Larger sites either don’t care about missing 30 cents or they are making money in other ways like from paid subscriptions or some level above freemium.

Sure, enough people blocking your 30 cents could add up. But let’s look at this another way.

You are trying to change my behaviour. Change YOURS.

You want me to change something I’m doing so you can make money off me. That’s what you’re saying. And I’m not inspired to help you with that effort! I would rather block the ads.

Ad blocking is way up in 2017. People are blocking out of fear of viruses and malware. They are blocking because they won’t want ads. They are blocking because they don’t like interruptions. So it’s really wild when you interrupt those people to try to get them to unblock ads so you can interrupt them more often.

A report I read is saying some publishers are driving away 50-70% of their traffic by using an ad blocker. Sounds bad!

Monetising blogs and some media will have to evolve again. Ad blocking will not go away. It will probably increase on all devices. How will sites make money? Probably not by blocking users, whining to users, interrupting users, etc… I have no prediction on this one yet but I believe it will have to evolve again and soon.