Changing Corporate Branding

Posted By Debbie on January 17, 2011

I read a great blog post last week. He has a great visual, which I won’t copy out of respect, on how the Coca-Cola logo hasn’t changed since 1885, while Pepsi is on their 11th logo since 1898.

I can see how Pepsi may have wanted to get away from their early Coca-Cola look-alike logo. Some of the other changes, I couldn’t explain other than execs wanting to try something different.

What I ask you to envision a Pepsi logo, which one stuck in your mind enough to be the one your computer-brain brings up? It looks like mine is the 1973 version because I would have grown up with that one. It would have been the Pepsi logo until I was around age 19. What was wrong with that logo? If a brand is not competing well, are we sure it’s the logo that needs a change? Can you change the marketing, positioning, and style without changing the logo?

Coke has. Coke and their logo manage to make sense to the entire WORLD. Their advertising ranges across many moods and age groups while retaining the same logo.

I have my eye on lots of startups right now. Many of them have bland corporate branding. They chose an overused font, and wrote their unpronounceable name. I’d like to see some of them rebrand. But when the brand is working, say you’re #2 globally, you might just be OK. 🙂