Comcast’s Plan To Win The War Against Your Patience

Posted By Debbie on July 19, 2013

I had Comcast installed in my new place in mid-April. I spoke to some nice women in Seattle to get that done. That’s where Comcast seems to have some of their sales. Really nice folks!

I ended up with lots of problems with our TV installation. Ended up taking a MONTH to fix, so I spoke to tier 1 and 2 tech support a LOT. They are in Colorado. Some really nice and mellow dudes out there. Friendly and helpful.

Now, 2.5 months later, my bill is incredibly messed up. A lot of people promised me various credits to apologise for the lack of TV service we had for a whole month. Evidently, you can have a credit with Comcast, but it takes months for it to be “applied” to your bill. So you have it but you don’t. This means I’m still getting way too high bills for what I think I owe them.

Guess where the billing department is. Atlanta? Nope. Tucson? Nope. North Carolina? Nope. The Philippines. Wow, takes me back to all the times I nearly cried on the phone while talking to Sprint’s outsourced people over there.

And this time was no different. I nearly cried. I could not understand these women at all. They WERE speaking English. I couldn’t understand them. They didn’t seem to really get me. Two different women. I gave up.

I understand that if you want people to be stuck paying higher bills, you make your billing department impossible to talk to. Back in NY, those guys would be in the mafia. You wouldn’t want to mess with them, so you just paid (except I would always fight them). Maybe Comcast thinks they can win by making it nearly impossible to fix your bill.

Think about it. Lovely sales people in the USA. Lovely support people in the USA. Have a problem with your bill? Talk to the Philippines. It doesn’t have to be like that. Bringing those jobs home to the USA would be win-win. I get to talk to someone who gets me. And someone here gets a job.