The Cost of Product Failure

Posted By Debbie on March 14, 2018

There is no company I love/hate more than Zagg. I’ve been a customer for what feels like 10 years. When the screen protector goes on nicely, nothing’s better than a well-protected phone screen! I’m very into my phone!

I’ve tried other no-name screen protectors I found on Amazon. One was glass but so thin that when I pressed it on, it shattered. It came in a pack of two so I pressed the other one on. Shattered where I pressed it. And I’m no Incredible Hulk. I just pressed it like I’d press a Zagg.

Zagg’s customer support is helpful and friendly. They’re doing that right. It’s nice to speak to those people. Thanks to the lovely people I’ve spoken to. So many lovely people.

Zagg’s first batch nearly always fails

Not sure why. You’d think they have this screen protecting thing down. But every first batch I’ve bought, which is every time I get a phone since I pre-order new release phones, has failed.

Most recently for my Galaxy Note 8. They decided to cheap out and have the glass screen protector only adhere on the very edges.

First batch of these didn’t stick right. You would press your phone and nothing happened. Swipe down from the top and nothing happened. The screen protector was too far from the screen because only the edges stuck. Well that sucks.

Not usable.

Second batch was better but failed

Returned the first one to Best Buy. They had the second batch already. Great! They put it on. Stuck well. This felt like a promising start.

Until I dropped the phone about 12 inches from the ground. The screen protector popped off. Not cool. Not what I thought I paid for.

Bought another one. Put that on. Went well until I dropped it a foot from the ground. Screen protector popped off.

How about the third batch?

I got the third batch. It took about 3 weeks to get to me, which was not fun. They now had adhesive all over the whole thing and are calling it Elite. Well finally.

I followed the directions. I installed it. There were 2 zillion giant air bubbles under it. I called them. They said it was unlikely that bubbles that big would go away overnight.

Could that be my fault? It could. But I followed the directions. I’m not sure what else to do other than follow directions! The instructions also said to go watch the special install video because this item installs differently… but the install page had no video on the new Elite product. I hope following the printed instructions was right.

Well, it sure adheres! I can’t pick up a corner to try to push bubbles out. So at least they solved that. I now believe if I dropped it a foot the screen protector would NOT pop off.

What is the cost of warranty replacements?

Every time I do a warranty replacement, even if I don’t call, they have to ship me one. I have to ship them something back. In the case of January 2018, they will have shipped me 3 warranty replacements for two that failed 3 times.

What is the cost of something with a high failure rate? What does it cost them in the item, its packaging, shipping, etc., to replace it?

What if they sent them in boxes of two? I wonder if that would help.

What if you sold me a pack of two for $30? Less packaging. One mold you put over your phone so you install it in the right place. 2 cleaners and dust removers. That way, when they fail, pop off, shatter, etc., I have one ready to go.

I’m not Zagg but I wonder if that would cost them less than the packaging, the shipping, the wasted items, my frustration, support workers’ time, etc. Sell me 2 or 3 at a time.