Craiglist App: Do The Third Thing First

Posted By Debbie on January 17, 2013

Categories: Mobile, UX/UI

Tags: craigslist, mobile apps

As I’m looking at possibly moving, I downloaded a Craigslist app. I was hoping that on the go, it would be easy for me to search through houses, and maybe check saved searches over and over. Once I installed it, this is what I saw (click to enlarge):


My first thought was, “Let’s narrow categories down to housing.” I tapped on “Category,” and was told I had to pick the Location first. I guess that makes sense if different Craigslist regions offer different categories.

What DIDN’T make sense was taking what you needed people to do first (choose their location) and put that third on the screen. That means if I had just started typing my house requirements into the keyword search field, I also would have been stopped and told to pick a location first.

UX Tip: Put the location first. 🙂 That way, it’s less likely that someone will bypass it. Or make it so that the other two are greyed out until you pick the location. Then, once you’ve got your “sfbay” in there, the other two come to life.