CVS Imagines Your Children in Some Surreal Halloween Costumes

Posted By Debbie on October 18, 2018

A friend forwarded me an email his wife got from CVS, who wanted her to come in for a Halloween sale. He was surprised at the illustrations of the Halloween costumes… and so am I.

Hmmmm, we have:

  • A single-toothed vampire in a cowboy hat.
  • A single-toothed monkey in boxer shorts.
  • Frankenstein’s monster as a pirate.
  • A mummy that is also some sort of melon.

Does CVS carry these costumes? Are these popular this year? Look out, your unique child might not be the only vampire cowboy this year!

As I normally say in a case like this, I am not on enough drugs to make sense of these costumes. Congrats to the person who illustrated this for the number of costume ideas he or she fit into a small graphic.