Dear Low Attention Span Recruiters, I’m Not A Hiring Manager

Posted By Debbie on October 10, 2013

My LinkedIn is pretty clear that I’m a UX consultant and interaction designer working at various places, mostly on contract.

Yet every few months, I get an email through LinkedIn’s system. Some recruiter I’ve never heard of is “responding” to the job I supposedly posted.

I just got one today. Some guy who I should name but won’t wanted to send me wonderful candidates for the job I just (allegedly) posted for a front end and HTML email developer.

The last time I pushed the recruiter on why he contacted me, the answer was that he saw the job posted from somewhere I used to work or still work. He used LinkedIn to somehow find ME (as someone who works/worked there). And despite what the job listing SAYS to do if you want this job, he writes to ME via LinkedIn.

I understand that some recruiters might think this is some clever way to get an in with the company… contacting someone who already works there rather than going right for the hiring manager. That strategy ONLY works if you are happy to hear that the last time this happened, I went to someone at the company and said, “Some recruiter I don’t know and have never dealt with is trying to get me to give him some sort of special recognition or connection to you. He found me on LinkedIn, and then wanted to send me resumes. When I told him I’m not the hiring manager, he was hoping I’d walk his resumes through the right channels.” The high-level person at this company suggested I ignore that person and not reply. If you are happy with outcomes like that, then contacting me about jobs I didn’t post is for you!

The job I was contacted about today doesn’t say “Contact Debbie Levitt.” And it surely doesn’t say, “Troll LinkedIn to find our UX contractor to see if she will review candidates for a job she has nothing to do with.” The job listing says to go to this company’s website, where you will find an email form and phone number.

Low attention span recruiters, pick up your game a bit. Writing to me assures you of one main thing: I will NEVER let you represent me when I am looking for work. You also look really dumb to the company when I tell them what lame person from what lame recruiting company couldn’t follow directions on the job about who to contact.