Do You Need an On-Call UX Leader?

Posted By Debbie on June 7, 2018

Are you a junior UX practitioner in your first or second job… and you’re at a smaller company with no other UX workers… and you don’t have anybody to support you, check your work, help you level up, or work with you on avoiding or resolving conflicts?

Are you a company with only one UX practitioner (and probably a fairly junior one)… and you know you’re getting “just OK” work from that person… and you’d love to have someone more senior helping them but you don’t have the budget or head count for a new hire?

Then you need our Mentoring and Coaching service.

On-Call UX Leadership

Pay-as-you-need for Ptype CEO, Debbie Levitt’s time. She’s been doing UX since the mid 1990s. Been there, done that, at small and large companies, agencies, and for startups.

She can be hired by the UX practitioner or the company that needs an on-call UX leader. Book by the half hour or by a monthly subscription with hours.

Common coaching topics include:

  • Work review – Without a UX leader, who will review your work from a UX perspective, keep you from making mistakes, and help you level up?
  • Presentations – How to improve presentation skills, especially how to be more compelling and persuade people. Doing UX work can sometimes feel like being a lawyer as you are the advocate for the user. If you feel you don’t naturally have strong skills here, Debbie can help.
  • Collaboration – Especially in a workplace with only one UX practitioner, that person can often feel outnumbered. Maybe other teammates aren’t collaborating with you well. They might not even understand what UX is or what you do. Debbie has some approaches to improving collaboration with teammates (and that goes in both directions).
  • Time Management – Need help balancing things? Estimating time? Staying focused? Debbie can help.

The first session is free.

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