Don’t Make Me Login To Unsubscribe

Posted By Debbie on February 14, 2013

Companies put me on their mailing lists all the time without asking. I don’t mean spammers. I mean companies where I went to try them out. Maybe I liked their system and maybe I didn’t, but somehow, without opting in, I’m now on a mailing list.

Many do the right thing and offer a one-click unsubscribe. Click “unsubscribe” in the email, and I’m off the list. Sometimes they ask why I’m leaving. Sometimes it’s just a confirmation that I’m gone.

That’s the right way.

The wrong way would be to take me to your website and ask me to login. I’ve probably already disconnected. I don’t remember my password. Or I went into Facebook and revoked your access to my account. “Logging in with Facebook” is going to ask for that access again… just so I can take it away, and then some. Incredible waste of my time.

What impression do you want to make on me? That you respected my time and lack of interest in being on the mailing list I never joined? Or that you stuck me on a mailing list and then made it hard, annoying, or time consuming for me to leave it?