I Don’t Think Disneyland Paris Wants Me To Visit

Posted By Debbie on September 22, 2014

I’m working on a plan to visit Disneyland Paris (DLP) with my British friend. That plan is not coming together as easily as it should be, especially knowing how well the website behaves when I try to plan a visit to Disney World in Florida.

The website aimed at North America for DLP won’t let me book the month I want to visit. It’s all crossed out. Forbidden.

I tried Expedia. It shows no Disney hotels in Paris. My only choices are other neighbouring hotels. No, I think I really want the Disney experience. Just to see what that is in Paris. Collect them all!

I went to Kayak. They show the Disney hotels available for my dates, but for like $700 per night. No, that seems a bit out of wack.

I went to the UK Disneyland Paris site. DLP caters heavily to the UK folks. So my dates are available! Disney hotels are available. And in fact, there is a package deal where for the equivalent of about $800 (US Dollars), I can get 3 nights of Disney hotel, park tickets, and breakfast each morning. Well, that seems like a good deal. Let’s book it!

I went through the whole booking process only to get to the last page, which asked for my credit card and address. The country for the address said UNITED KINGDOM and could not be changed. So I can’t book it. My British friend can!

Evidently DLP wants us there if SHE books it but not if I book it. Why? What’s the difference? Our money is good.

I wanted to call to ask what’s up, but they’re only open regular business hours, France time. Ugh.

This whole thing was very frustrating and not at all the Disney magic I’m used to. But I’m determined to go. If my friend’s name has to go on it and her card hit, so be it. We’ll sort that out between us.

But why put barriers in front of someone who wants to be your customer? And I have to pre-pay, which means cash flow for you now.