Enjoy The Go?

Posted By Debbie on November 25, 2010

Toilet paper. Most of us use it. We don’t think too much about it. Some of us are brand loyal, some buy whatever’s on sale. I like Target’s own brand, if you must know.

Charmin has been running ads with cartoon bears. Typically, the parent bears are looking at baby bear’s butt to see if he has “pieces” of toilet paper stuck to his butt after wiping. Out of everything I could say about toilet paper, I’ve never had a problem where chunks of it stick to my butt. Maybe I’m special and lucky.

I noticed their ads had some very weird wording… wording related to “enjoy going more.” Again, maybe I’m special, but I don’t associate “enjoyment” with going to the bathroom. In fact, Charmin is using www.EnjoyTheGo.com to dump you on a landing page inside their site.

Most other toilet paper ads focus on their product’s softness or strength. Softness, I get. When I was little, my parents bought Scott brand even though they would constantly joke that it was like “wiping with the New York Times.” Strength… sure, I don’t want toilet paper dissolving in my hand while using it. But when they wet it and dump a bunch of quarters on it? Holy cats, what are people doing with this stuff?

I’m just not getting the marketing angle of “enjoying going to the bathroom more.” Evidently, we are all not enjoying this enough, and need to enjoy it MORE. Charmin is claiming they can lead you down that happy path.