Facebook Ads: No Customer Support

Posted By Debbie on July 18, 2013

I’ve run Facebook ads a bunch of times, and one thing amazes me every time I do it.

There is no customer support. Zero.

Need help? No phone number. No email address. No form to fill out to get help. I found a website claiming to have a secret link to get Ads help from Facebook. Filled out that form, and got an email from a no-reply address saying we don’t really get back to people who contact us.

Facebook suggests posting to the forums, which is peer to peer community help. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Facebook staff posting there, but maybe they do. They’ve never answered any questions I’ve put there.

And I need support because I have one question, over and over, for every campaign I’ve run.

I need Facebook to explain why their “potential reach” and the real “reach” are SOOOOOO far off. Potential reach looks at the number of people who fit the target audience you created. I want people who are 18-40 who are into startups and entrepreneurship in the Bay Area. OK, 80,000 people, Facebook says.

But my ad has been seen so far an average of 5 times each to 11,000 people. How are we NOT reaching the 80,000 people you said this could reach? If it’s unlikely to ever reach anywhere near 80,000, then why not prepare me for that when I’m creating my target audience. You know how active these accounts are. Maybe tell me this reaches 20,000 people. That’s still fine! Set reasonable expectations.

I know that Facebook ads are better for visibility and awareness rather than actual clicks and conversions. So my expectations are low. I’m hoping people will have “heard of me” and think of me when they need what I’m advertising.

It would be such a better experience if Facebook had someone to support paying customers. Facebook doesn’t have 1 billion paying customers. Just us advertisers. Why not court us. Why not make our advertising lives easier and more efficient. Why not answer our questions. We’re your revenue stream, and the best you can do is to give us no phone number and no email support.

That’s the ultimate in cocky. It says FU, we’re Facebook. You can take us or leave us. We don’t HAVE to help you. You need us more than we need you. That’s what that says.

I don’t think anybody should say that to customers, especially paying ones.