Facebook Dark Pattern: Let’s Make a Page From Your Website

Posted By Debbie on April 2, 2018

Facebook created a Page for one of my websites. Then pushed me to claim it as mine. Sure, yes that’s mine. Then published the page.

No I don’t want that. I don’t plan to stay here long. I’m not pushing this Page to anybody. I guess I’ll go delete this page.

No, you have to verify your ownership of the page first. Well wait, why did you think it was mine and let me claim if if you’re not sure I’m the rightful owner?

And how can I verify this? Upload articles of incorporation or other biz docs. Well, I don’t have that. It’s just a website with my name on it where I offer myself as a voice actor and singer.

Verify with a phone number. Yes, I can do that. No, Facebook won’t let me. I’ve “scheduled too many calls”?

What does that even mean? Considering I’m not using this account hardly at all, what phone calls have I been scheduling? And why is that BAD?

I can’t verify the page which means I don’t have the authority to unpublish or delete it. But Facebook let me claim it.

Dark patterns, all of it. Dark patterns. I hope the backlash increases. This is not how anybody does business with anybody. Not sure why we allow Facebook to do it. They’ve just numbed so many people to all this crap.