Facebook Feature I Need: Block Me From A Specific Friend’s Friends

Posted By Debbie on August 23, 2013

Most of us already know that when your Facebook friend accepts a friend request from someone he/she doesn’t know, that person is often some sort of scammer, spammer, or creeper.

I have one friend who seems to add everybody who sends her a request even though these are obviously fake accounts. She told me she figured these were people to whom she could promote her business. She doesn’t seem to realise that fake accounts have no interest in her business.

I have another friend who says yes to not everybody but most of his friend requests.

These “friends of friends” now have extra access to me, my profile, and postings. Things I thought were “Friends Only” might end up seen by these people based on some of Facebook’s slippery principles.

Creepers Like My Boobs

Sorry for that strong language, but right now, I am living in a world where every day, a different guy I don’t know sends me messages on Facebook. They mostly go through to me (rather than be stuck in “Other Messages”) because Facebook sees they are from a friend of a friend.

Some guys were finding profile pics of me (which were public) and commenting on my body. The weirdest one said, “Yum those boobs.” Who says that to anybody for any reason? And what woman hears that and is like WHOA I need to meet this guy!


The message I got yesterday wins for a new level of creepiness.

“you have the best tits for a [a nickname I have online] and your age your body perfect for having a baby [heart icon]”

So a guy who has more access to my info than I’d like because he’s a “friend of a friend” messaged me basically that he wants to have sex with me and I should have his baby. That’s BEYOND creepy. That’s unsettling.

And I know I’m not the only one getting this. By the time I went to report him as spam, his account was suspended and he was gone. It made me wonder if a message like that can legally be considered a threat to rape. I have no idea if he’d actually try to rape me, but I don’t want to find out. Someone needs to talk to these people.

I don’t blame my friends for what these creepers choose to do. But I definitely have a strong preference as to whether or not people should Facebook friend complete strangers for any reason.

And my friends need to stop adding Facebook friends they don’t really know

New policy: If I find out you are adding Facebook friends and they are people you don’t know, I don’t care who you are. I will remove you as a friend. Remember that when I get these stupid messages and I click on these profiles, Facebook tells me what friends we have in common. I know which of my real friends are delivering crazy creepers to me.

I will have to remove you as a friend for my own safety and sanity. I shouldn’t have to deal with this.

If you like my boobs, keep that to yourself. Don’t post it to Facebook. Don’t send it to me as a message. I don’t want to have a baby with anybody. And I don’t want to have any sexual or intimate contact with anybody other than my long-term, live-in boyfriend. Hopefully that’s clear!

Facebook could fix this with one feature: block me from (a certain) friend’s friends

I’d love a setting where I could pick one, some, or all Facebook friends. Their friends (who are not my friends) would then have NO special access to anything I am posting. They wouldn’t see “friends of friends” things. They’d only see my public things. Messages from them go into Other, not into the main Messages area.

That’s also a good solution when you have a friend you like but you know they are NOT being picky about who they add on Facebook. And you know who you are.