Facebook Friends Scam… I Was JUST Telling You This!

Posted By Debbie on May 15, 2013

Just a few days ago, I wrote about one of the many scams you can encounter on Facebook. This is one where people want to be your friend, and then one outcome is they might use this information to send more realistic looking spam or phishing emails. They now come from someone you know rather than Rufux Xavier Sasparilla, so you might be more likely to open them, click on links, or open attachments.

Not a few days later did this come through my email:

ScreenHunter_08 May. 14 09.08

It’s to me. And it appears to be from a real life friend who’s also a Facebook friend. Not sure where they got this email address since I didn’t think I had it on Facebook. But who knows.

However, this was pretty clearly not from my friend, Tyrone. He’s an American in America, and unlikely to have a .co.uk address. And he’s never emailed me. And he’d be really unlikely to email me a link with a .nl domain. And I don’t think he has an iPhone. 🙂

So that covers that. But that’s only because I was paying attention. Someone else might have been thrilled to see an email from Tyrone, and just clicked on it.

Again, people, be careful of the pages you LIKE and the people you friend. They can use the Facebook graph to get info you can’t imagine, and then use it in ways you didn’t imagine.