Facebook NEEDS To Know Who I’m Dating

Posted By Debbie on April 22, 2013

I recently moved in with my boyfriend. So excited. 🙂 Went to post to Facebook using their “post a life event” flow. I followed that to home-related events, and chose New Housemate. Why not.

I filled it out with the date we moved in, and wrote my comments. I hit SAVE, and got an error message saying Facebook won’t let me post that unless I tag someone as my housemate. I tried writing, “Boyfriend” since I know in some Facebook fields, you can write general things, and they let it go. But not here. Click to enlarge:

ScreenHunter_05 Apr. 21 08.57

I decided to try another route. Went back and started again. Post a life event. Home-related event. “Other.” Put my details in there. Who this event involves is evidently optional, so I was able to post it without tagging anybody. Click to enlarge:

ScreenHunter_05 Apr. 21 08.58

That’s an inconsistent user experience, and just seems odd. If you don’t really need to know WHO, then let me post without WHO. My boyfriend doesn’t use Facebook. Those people exist. I should be allowed to post any life event with my boyfriend without having to tag him as the other person at the event.