Facebook Pushes Me To Friend My Dead Cousin

Posted By Debbie on January 30, 2018

Categories: Social Media

Tags: death, facebook

Cousin Joyce died years ago. And we weren’t friends before her death. But at some point, she found me on Facebook and tried to add me. I didn’t respond.

OK, Facebook might not know that she is dead. But Facebook knows that her last post was in 2011. At least the last one I can see. I don’t remember when she died. I had no contact with this family for decades.

So why would Facebook put in my mobile feed DAILY that I should respond to Joyce’s friend request? I know she’s dead. Facebook would know she is someone who hasn’t logged in probably for 7 years. Hasn’t logged in! Hasn’t posted. Hasn’t read a message. Hasn’t pressed LIKE.

As a UX chick, I’m trying to figure out what is the advantage to Facebook to do this. It’s clearly not advantageous to the user to be pushed the same friend request many times a day. I can’t see how that doesn’t piss people off (rather than endear them to any of this). Does Facebook have data that says a user that hasn’t logged in or posted in 7 years is likely to become more active when Debbie friends them? Or any one friend adds them?