Facebook Re-Orders Misleading, Offensive, Uninteresting, Repetitive, Other

Posted By Debbie on April 13, 2011

I have hit the close “x” on many Facebook ads. Hundreds. I try to choose the best choice. Typically, it was the first on the list: uninteresting. You are showing me an ad I would NEVER click on because the product, service, or company doesn’t interest me. Or I’m not the target audience.

I got so used to hitting that first radio button for “uninteresting” that I had to stop for a moment last week. The choices had a new order.

Misleading is now first. I wonder if that’s because it was chosen the most, and putting it first would make it easier to spot. I have certainly clicked “misleading” plenty of times, but was used to it being in the middle of the list, third out of five.

What order does Facebook show you? Perhaps they are trying different orders with people to see if it changes how they report. Perhaps they just changed it because Facebook likes to change things constantly for seemingly no reason.