Facebook Says Way Too Much Cleavage

Posted By Debbie on September 26, 2012

I tried to run some Facebook ads this weekend. I figured hey, let’s see if I can get more people to like my startup’s Facebook page by running social reach types of ads. That’s when the ad says little more than “Friend’s Name Likes ______” and they want you to click like.

Facebook automatically builds these types of ads for you. You don’t get to control what they say. For the image, they grab your page’s profile pic. Mine was our logo with our name under it.

I got an email a few hours later saying my ad was disapproved because of my image. Here is a snippet from the email I got:

Really? Sexual? Nudity? Cleavage? Body parts?

Who the HECK reviewed this ad image and decided it was too sexy and contained a wild focus on body parts?!?!?!

I took our name off the image, and resubmitted the ad. Maybe they found our name way too sexual, though I have to admit, I don’t see the cleavage in the name “CheckInOn.Me.”

Wish me luck that someone at Facebook hits the correct button the next time around…

EDIT: Yeah, they approved the identical ad with an image that was just the shield logo without the name under it. Thank the Lord I removed all the sex and nudity!