My First Week Off Facebook: Happy and Productive

Posted By Debbie on January 29, 2018

Categories: Social Media

Tags: deactivate, facebook

A week ago, I hit my breaking point with Facebook. I was tired of everything except the part where I stay in touch with friends and support them.

Tired of the news, what’s going on in the USA. Tired of people’s commentary on it. Tired of my OWN commentary on it. Tired of the troll, bot, and no-empathy comments. Tired of the hate and negativity.

And being high empathy, worn out from dealing with all of it. Wearing it all.

Tired of the ads. Tired of the UX of Facebook. Tired of how hard it makes it to see the things I want to see. Tired of their loose definition of chronology. There’s more but I think you get the point.

So I decided I was done.

I decided that my best interaction with Facebook would be to remove the political pages I was followed (yes, NONE were Russian, thank you). Hide the walls of my most political friends even though I still like them. And come back once a week to check on people, support them, comment on their world, be social. But not post anymore.

I started a private Instagram for friends looking to continue following my travel adventures, the new place I’m living in, and the puppies.

I thought about how we used to survive hearing from friends every few months. Or just the big annual Christmas “how our family is” letter. And we did OK! We didn’t have to interact with every thought and photo. And we didn’t have to SHARE every thought and photo.

How was my week?

Every time I thought about reading Facebook, I asked myself what I could be doing right now (instead) for Ptype. And did it. I got so much done it was wonderful. So rewarding.

The first few days, I thought about checking Facebook a lot. After 2 or 3 days, I wasn’t thinking about it. I was thinking OK now what can I do for my biz. While this is probably not an accurate number, I feel like I got 80 hours back in my week.

And I spent that week without sadness, fear, worry, and everything that goes with politics in the USA (depending upon which side of the ideological civil war you’re on). I was productive and proud. Even if you are happy with American politics right now, a FB break can really put time back in your life.

I recommend this highly. None of us needs the ego boost of thinking everybody is interested in all of our thoughts, locations, and doings. Most of us could post less, some of us, a lot less.

And you get all that time and headspace back in your life. You can use Facebook for what it claims to be: connecting people. I can do that once a week for maybe an hour. Read everything from top friends from the week. Then log out again.

Try it!