Following Recruiters On Twitter

Posted By Debbie on October 31, 2011

I follow a few recruiters on Twitter in case they have an open gig. I often don’t have the time to troll Elance or other sites to try to find my next consulting adventure. So I’m sometimes hoping it’ll be tweeted to me.

I’ve noticed a few trends based on the tweets I’ve been watching for a few months.

1) Someone is looking for a Flash Designer? Really? Still? They didn’t get the HTML 5 memo? I think I’ve seen that tweet for months.

2) Recruiters are sometimes looking for recruiters. It seems like a biz that turns over constantly. That doesn’t instill confidence!

3) Companies are still looking for that platinum unicorn that is a UX genius, front end coder, knows Flash, Fireworks, and PHP. I wish recruiters would help those companies get real.

4) Companies should also get the hint that what they are looking for is potentially unreasonable when I’ve been watching the same job get tweeted for months. Someone needs to tell that hiring manager to look for a UX person, and then a separate designer and programmer. Then, they might actually fill their job, and get their project moving again. I always imagine that projects are standing still while they wait for these magical people to apply for these jobs.

Following recruiters on Twitter is mostly bizarre, but I’ll keep doing it, just in case something magical that’s a perfect fit for me gets tweeted out.