For Sale: Ratings For Your Mobile App

Posted By Debbie on August 2, 2013

My startup has a mobile app, which makes us a prime candidate to receive some pretty sleazy advertising. Here is one. Click to enlarge.


That’s right. Very quickly, my app can have a bunch of fake ratings. Some sweatshop somewhere will download my app and rate it, and that will help me.

That doesn’t help me be honest with you. It just means that when you see all these downloads or ratings, they might be fake. Completely fake. Just to make you believe this app is popular or well-liked.

Take these with a grain of salt. And read app reviews. I’m sure some of those are fake, but you will probably be able to tell better with those. It would be hard to know which 5 star ratings were real and which were bought.

PS: When I got that email, my app (in public alpha at the time) had two ratings in Google Play. Both were real and both were 5 stars.