Forming Your Own Opinion About A Smartphone

Posted By Debbie on May 13, 2014

Have you seen the “Blah Blah Blah” commercial for the HTC One (M8) phone? Gary Oldman says blah a lot. He says it doesn’t matter what he says. He’s right.

And then he says that this phone is designed for people who form their own opinions. Ooooooo Bold. A phone just for critical thinkers!

“Go ahead,” he says. And I assume he’ll next invite you to go try one. After all, the best way to form your own opinion on a product is to try it. Use it yourself. Decide what you think if it.

But the next line of the commercial treks you to form your own opinion by “asking the internet.”

So you want me to form my own opinion NOT by trying the product but by reading other people’s opinions online!?

What happens if I Google “HTC m8 review?”


Looks like HTC is ready for that with a paid Google ad. They’re hoping that your opinion is formed by asking Google, finding their paid ad, and reading the interviews they’ve put together.

This doesn’t sound like true critical thinking and forming my  by independent experience. It sounds very manipulated. opinion

My tip: want to form your own opinion about a product? Try the product. Use it. Compare it to others you’ve tried or are trying. Reading reviews has it’s place, and they can inform an opinion. But truly forming your own opinion and making a judgement after reading other people’s opinions are two different things.

If HTC had confidence in the product, Gary Oldman should invite you to decide what you think of it by going and using it.