Free Wi-Fi If You Give Endless Personal Details

Posted By Debbie on January 27, 2015

Last month, I visited France and the UK. There are times when I wanted to get online. Wi-Fi networks were marked as free. Here’s what greeted you when you chose free wifi.

2014-12-21 10.55.43

Or this one.

2014-12-18 15.41.34

Sure, that’s a quick one to fill out. Put in some fake info, they don’t confirm it, and you’re online.

How about this one? It was so big I needed multiple screen shots to capture it (on a phablet).

2014-12-20 19.16.52

2014-12-20 19.17.02

2014-12-20 19.17.08

Companies Need To Learn This Doesn’t Work

If I can fill this out with totally fake information and you don’t confirm the info or my email, then what do you really have? A database full of “leads” with fake information? That got you nothing.

Creating obstacles to something isn’t a good user experience. Calling Wi-Fi free but then trying to get people to OK being mailed and called doesn’t feel free. If you’re not making me pay or sign up for an account, then just let me online without the questionnaire.