Generating Buzz Is The Consolation Prize

Posted By Debbie on May 29, 2014

Categories: Business, Marketing

Tags: buzz, marketing

A consulting client recently told me that the point of his upcoming marketing consultant’s campaign idea was buzz.

I define “buzz” as people talking about you. People mentioning you. People saying, “Hey did you hear about this website?”

I may be old fashioned, but if I’m going to spend money on a marketing campaign, I think the goal should be something that drives the bottom line a bit more. New customers. More sales.

And more importantly, I’d want to be able to track this. If our goal is buzz, how are we tracking buzz? Is there such a thing as bad buzz? Will we track that? How much good buzz do we need to feel like this campaign were a success? How will we decide if the campaign is a failure?

And if someone follows the buzz to your website, are we tracking how those people got there? Will we know when new customers or sales come because of buzz from this marketing campaign?

To Me, Buzz Might Be The Consolation Prize

Like oh, you barely got any customers or sales but boy we saw some tweets out there! You got some buzz! It’s got a consolation prize ring to it.

And Without Tracking, What Do We Really Know?

If this isn’t easy to track, what will we really know when this campaign is over? Without coded URLs, will we really know who generated what buzz? Who are the influencers? Who generated sales? Through which social network this happened?

Because you can’t rely on a hashtag only. That’s just seen on Twitter. Maybe on Facebook, but only for public posts. If I Facebook post to friends only, even if I use your hashtag, you’ll never see it. If I use a coded URL that measures who hits your website because I (and only I) shared it, now we’re cooking with gas.

So I say upgrade your marketing from “we want to generate buzz” to “we want to actually improve our bottom line.” That might be more new customers. It could be more sales to existing customers. It could be lots of things that can be measured and put money in the bank. Buzz should be the consolation prize, not the goal.