Get $15 Off Our Core Skills Prototyping Video Workshop

Posted By Debbie on November 2, 2017

Our 2-Day Core Skills Workshop is available as a video course. It includes over 7 hours of video content and over 70 lessons.

It’s available on Udemy for $150. But if you use the code PTYPE-CORE (or follow that link), you will get 10% off.

Go at your own pace, watch the videos over and over. Learn all the core Axure skills from an Axure-recommended trainer (that’s us).

You can’t get our curriculum anywhere else. We have designed our courses to move logically through Axure techniques, building slowly and teaching you how to think like Axure (rather than “just do this”).

Get yours now!

Prefer live training? We also offer private individual and team training as well as public workshops offered online and around the world.