Get To Know My Twitter Accounts

Posted By Debbie on October 14, 2011

Categories: Social Media

Tags: twitter

I have a mountain of Twitter accounts. Today, I’ll introduce you to some of them in case there are any you’d like to follow/add to a list/interact with! Click logos to hit that Twitter page.

brassflowers is the account for this site. There are blog post feeds from me and other UX resources. And I tend to interact a lot here, so come say hi!

dlev is as close as I get to a personal twitter account. 🙂 I don’t say much, but I do banter a bit with friends. And there are feeds for my blog posts.

checkinonme is the account I use for my automated personal safety startup, CheckInOn.Me. It has some blog posts, but it’s mostly me interacting with people tweeting about safety or interested in our services.

aswas is the account I use for my web design shop, As Was. It’s mostly a feed of blog posts and eBay announcements (since many of my clients are eBay sellers).

yourppl is the account I use for my music biz, We Are Your People. It’s mostly feeds from various music sources.