Give Me A Good Reason

Posted By Debbie on October 13, 2010

When you are asking someone to do something on a website or inside an application, sometimes, their natural reaction in their head is to say, “Give me a good reason.” Give me a good reason to:

  • Tell you my age or reveal my complete date of birth.
  • Disclose my income.
  • Give you my fax number or mobile phone number.
  • Tell you how many children I have.
  • Upload a photo of myself.
  • Give you my credit card.

Can you? If you don’t have a great reason to collect that data, consider not asking the question. Do you really plan to fax me something? Do you need my payment info right now if this is a free trial? A free trial should feel free and without obligation, but you want to take and store my sensitive payment information for later?

People are more likely to fill out and submit a form that is shorter. Less time, less work. More trust. I would trust a company more for knowing what to ask and what NOT to ask.