Go Ask An Ugly Friend

Posted By Debbie on October 5, 2010

As I write this, I am using OKCupid as a dating site. I’ve been on it a week. I still don’t totally get it since it IS quite different from other sites. But I’m doing OK.

I just got an email from them that is absolutely amazing. That’s my profile picture. It addressed me by username, which I edited out for this blog.

Wow. I have seen studies that look at how people tend to connect based on attractiveness. The studies tended to show that people of similar attractiveness ratings tended to end up together. A woman who is a 9 will date those 8, 9, 10 guys because she CAN… she’s a 9, she can land a 9, she doesn’t have to date a 4 unless she is really into him for whatever reason. A woman who is a 4 will date 3s and 4s. She’s a 4 herself, so a guy who most people would rate as a 9 is unlikely to go for her. 3 and 4 are her “league,” the studies showed. It’s who likes her and who she can get.

But part of the interesting thing about this email is that I got an email. I got an email basically telling me yeah, we’ve been showing you some of our uglier customers since we weren’t sure what was in your league. But strangers say you good-looking, so we’re going to start showing you more attractive people! Don’t leave! They’re on their way!

And if you don’t believe us, go ask an ugly friend. Marketing!

Update: I posted this email to my Facebook because I couldn’t believe it. I have a handful of friends who have been on OKCupid for months or weeks. None of them got this email (yet).